Little Book on Alcohol


‘In my life I've made three big mistakes while drinking, all of which could have easily been avoided. That’s why I wrote this book, with the help of ReGen’, Bella - aged 21.

The Little Book contains easily accessible facts, personal stories and practical advice about the potential impacts of alcohol on young people’s lives.  It is a valuable resource for schools, youth services and families in promoting discussions about alcohol, strategies for reducing harm and options for getting help and support.  

Little Book was based on extensive research about what works for young people and is driven by Bella’s hope that ‘it will help others avoid big time regrets, whether they are drinking or are around people who are drinking'.

The Little Book on alcohol is the first in ReGen’s new series of resources for young people, replacing UnitingCare ReGen’s much loved Big Book series.  They  feature strong graphic design and the latest information on a range of issues such as emerging drug types, new laws and the many other factors young people need to consider when making informed decisions about whether (or how) to use alcohol or other drugs.


Format: Booklet, 64pp

Age Groups: 12-24, Adults

Drug types: Alcohol