The Big Book on Drugs


The Big Book on Drugs was written by Julie Bowen and illustrated by the cartoonist John Hartley. It has a bright, full colour illustrated cover which attracts people to it in the first instance. Inside, it combines written information with humorous black and white illustrations.

This booklet was written for and reviewed by young people with the aim to produce a product that was appealing, accessible, that gave factual information about drug use, provided basic legal and emergency first aid information and provided contact numbers for those who required further information.

This publication has been enormously successful with over 6000 copies sold to schools, youth services, juvenile justice, Municipal Councils and the Department of Human Services. 

Teacher Resource packs have been developed for all of the Big Books. These packs include activities designed to support and enhance the information in the Big Books and are aimed at the middle to senior secondary level. Written by teachers for teachers - these packs can support the implementation of the health curriculum. These resource packs are available on request with the purchase of any of the Big Books.